The Mission Continues empowers veterans to continue serving their country in new ways. We redeploy veterans in their communities, so their legacy will be one of action and service.

The Mission Continues has helped thousands of veterans and hundreds of communities through two innovative programs: The Fellowship Program and Service Platoons.

The Mission Continues Fellowship Program focuses veterans’ strengths, skills and compassion and connects them to community organizations where they volunteer for six months. The program helps veterans find a new sense of purpose, and gain real-world experience by volunteering while also impacting the community.

The Mission Continues Service Platoons are teams of veterans working together at the local level to address tough challenges facing the community. Twenty-five platoons are launching this year all across America. First Platoon Phoenix has partnered with the City of Phoenix to combat veteran homelessness, while 1st Platoon Washington D.C. is taking on youth hunger through food pantry projects and urban farming initiatives.

This unique model provides reciprocal benefits for the veteran and the community they serve. Veterans volunteer to help others and, through their service, build stronger communities.

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