Opening My Parachute and Landing on Solid Ground

December 1, 2016
By Derek Auguste, Fellow Alum


I joined the U.S. Army so that I could gain valuable skills and give my newborn daughter a better life. After enlisting, I soon discovered an incredible sense of purpose and realized I wanted to stay as long as I could. Mentoring young soldiers and seeing them grow brought me great pride. I still remember the days when I trained my soldiers how to parachute out of airplanes — how to make the jump, despite their fears, and trust their parachute would open.

By 2015 however, I realized that what my daughter needed most was my presence in her life. Of my eleven years of service, I had been away from home for nearly half of it, so I made the decision to hang up my uniform and return home to Miami.

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Finding a New Mission in Miami

April 17, 2015

Carla Alvarado_12

Carla Alvarado is an Army veteran and Mission Continues Fellow Alumna. She served her fellowship with Miami-based Veterans Oceans Adventures (VOA), a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for veterans to experience the healing power of water through sailing, scuba diving and kayaking.

I moved to Miami shortly after my tour in Afghanistan and separating from the Army. I reconnected with friends who were associated with VOA and was invited to volunteer. Once there, I soon learned about The Mission Continues and decided to apply for a fellowship. This has proven to be the best opportunity I have ever been a part of. I felt passionate about the mission and was truly humbled by my experiences and the opportunity to rehabilitate former service members.

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