How to Help Keep our Drill Bits Spinning

One of the most common questions we get at The Mission Continues is this: what can I do to help?

There’s a few ways. The first is to join us through our two programs (and recently we opened up our service platoons to non-veterans).

But just as vital: we need to keep the lights on, and drill bits spinning, for our work to flourish. A lot of that support comes from individuals who want to see how far we can take this idea of continued service and inspiring future generations to join us.

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That’s why we team up with organizations to help fund our programs. A big way these days is through athletic events.

Since 2013, we’ve hosted Team Mission Continues at the Marine Corps Marathon. We have 53 runners in late training mode for next month’s race, and so far they’ve raised nearly $40,000. That’s about halfway to our goal of $100,000 to help strengthen our programs, so consider dropping in a few bucks and sharing across social media.

And if you’re in the St. Louis area, we’d love to see you come out for the Battlegrounds Mud Run at Cedar Lake on Saturday October 3. The Battlegrounds is throwing down with two races, more than 30 obstacles and enough mud to fill more than a few kiddie pools. And if you sign up through us using the code CONTINUES, you’ll get $20 off.

If you can’t join us for the Battlegrounds run, we hope to see you cheering on our team in DC for the marathon, or contributing to their success through a generous donation.

One Reply to “How to Help Keep our Drill Bits Spinning”

  1. Big Howdy from the ‘Terrtories’;
    do you have any Veterans in Nevada who might be interested in helping us construct our ‘VMS’ (Veterans Mfg School)? we are constructing a bldg. that will be devoted to teaching the elements of mfg so our DAV’s may gain career employment in mfg. non-DAV’s may qualify as well.
    our board members are all involved in mfg: machinists, engineers, mechanics, chemists etc. we are self-funded (so far) & there are no ‘fluff programs’. someone from are group EMd you some months ago & we never heard a peep. we have purchased 23 machine tools to complement our goals. we are definitely not in to the so-called ‘IT’ non-sense. lotsa meat&potatoes, in our curriculum, the knowledge that enables a Veteran to build something usefull!
    perhaps we will hear from your staff this time around, Don Anders

    may God protect our valiant warriors.

    Post Script: do something to improve the text on your form, we can hardly read our comment to you, it is so faint. is this complaint the only one you have ever received? how may we view your form 990?

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