Honoring the Fallen with Wreaths Across America

December 12, 2014


Each year, Wreaths Across America remembers and honors the fallen by placing wreaths at individual headstones and monuments nationwide. In one afternoon alone last year, more than 143,000 wreaths were placed throughout Arlington National Cemetery. The annual tradition will continue this Saturday with wreath laying ceremonies nationwide.

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Veterans Coming Home

December 10, 2014

For many veterans, the transition is filled with complicated and confusing challenges. Veterans Coming Home, a new initiative led by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, believes these are challenges every American should help overcome. Working with community-based partners like The Mission Continues, many local stations are recognizing veterans for their service, sharing their stories, opportunities and challenges, and increasing the number of veterans connecting with local resources to support their successful transition to civilian life.

Meet Yvette Pino, US Army veteran and Alumna of the Fellowship Program

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Achieving our Mission with a Little LUV from Southwest

December 2, 2014

The Mission Continues is celebrating #GivingTuesday with a special shout-out to Southwest Airlines in gratitude of their support. We could do our best to describe how big of an impact Southwest has had on our mission to empower veterans, but we wouldn’t do it justice. Instead, we’ll leave it to U.S. Air Force veteran and Mission Continues Fellow Justin Rigdon to explain:

Over the past couple of months, I have been provided the opportunity to travel to two separate events with The Mission Continues thanks to donated tickets from Southwest Airlines. The first event was my Fellowship Orientation in Los Angeles, California. The second, the Service Platoon Summit in Boston, brought together platoon leaders from across the country. These two events are easily the most important and life-changing events I have had since leaving active duty in 2005.

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Veterans: Do Something More

November 24, 2014
Mike Liguori

When you signed a piece of paper to join the armed forces, you knew there would be pain, countless hours of lost sleep, and a possible deployment to an unknown land against an unknown enemy. You wore a uniform that signified more than nametapes. You know that your life was on the line at all times and you embraced it. Because your country, and the core values and beliefs that it was built on coarse through your veins. Service is in your DNA. Continue reading “Veterans: Do Something More”

#TBT: Washington, D.C. 1st Platoon Serves Alongside First Family

November 20, 2014


 Photo from Joining Forces, November 27, 2014

Washington, D.C. 1st Platoon launched during the late summer months of 2013 with a mission to eradicate child hunger and improve nutrition for youth in the greater D.C. community. That same year, in November, they were called to lead a special service event with the First Family during the Thanksgiving holiday. Continue reading “#TBT: Washington, D.C. 1st Platoon Serves Alongside First Family”

Equest Gets a Hand from Dallas/Ft. Worth 1st Platoon

November 18, 2014
Jeff Hensley

What do you do when you have all the puzzle pieces needed to serve veterans but not enough manpower to put them in place? Call The Mission Continues!

I’m the Program Counselor at Equest, a Dallas-area non-profit that has helped special needs children and adults through the power of equine therapy for over three decades. Two years ago, Equest began the “Hooves for Heroes” program, leveraging their expertise in equine therapy to help transitioning veterans and military families. We’ve accomplished much, but the need is great. Continue reading “Equest Gets a Hand from Dallas/Ft. Worth 1st Platoon”

New York Platoons Celebrate Veterans Day 2014

November 13, 2014


The Mission Continues had the honor this Veterans Day to march in America’s Parade alongside members of the New York State Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Guard.


The Bronx Service Platoon kicked off the morning with a neighborhood beautification project. In just three hours, veterans and community volunteers prepared a garden for the winter, created mosaics, enhanced over 20 tree pits, and removed and relocated over 2.5 tons of stone.


Meanwhile, 1st Platoon New York joined thousands of veterans in the annual Veterans Day Parade.

“I’m delighted to see that there are organizations like The Mission Continues that really provide a path and opportunity for veterans, especially this newer generation of veterans to really giveback to our communities,” said Jamal Othman, deputy director at the New York State Department of Veterans Affairs. “As veterans we joined the military because we wanted to give back to something larger than ourselves.”

NYC Parade 1



Veterans Day has come and gone. The parade and the project served as an opportunity to inform New York City as well as the rest of the country that this generation of veterans is leaving the military and finding new ways to serve. It’s vital that the nation understands this all year round, and not just on November 11 every year. Our commitment and service is ongoing.