Making a Mural for My Community and for Myself

October 6, 2016
By Aaron Skapik, Fellow


I see art as a valuable tool for anyone to express ideas, create conversations, and heal. For veterans, art can change their life by giving them a sense of purpose, giving them a platform to say something about their time in the military, and to heal through the therapeutic properties of art.

Two semesters ago the art department at Pittsburg State University offered a mural painting class. Having been inspired by murals I’ve seen of artists like Thomas Hart Benton and Michelangelo, as well as the murals near Route 66 close to where I live, I jumped at the opportunity to learn such fascinating craft.

After the class I was so inspired that I came home, took out a pad of sticky-notes and began writing down goals and giving myself small challenges to get me out of my comfort zone. At that point I had been ready to drop out of school and see if I could make it as an artist by selling my artwork. But the mural class made me stay. I decided to change my degree program from Art Education to General Studies and finish school by building a degree that would allow me to be an artist and give back to my community. Continue reading “Making a Mural for My Community and for Myself”

Keeping Our Heroes’ Legacies Alive

February 11, 2015
Anat Tamir

Imagine sitting in your car on your daily commute.  You turn on the radio and hear a song you immediately connect with.  It’s happened to you before, but this song is different.  The lyrics you just heard were written by a fallen American hero.

You carry that song with you all day, humming the tune, replaying the words.  What you’re doing, really, is keeping that hero’s memory alive. Continue reading “Keeping Our Heroes’ Legacies Alive”