The Mission Continues Celebrates Growth, New Opportunities With Diverse Donor Investments


The veterans’ nonprofit engages new donors and increases established investments to support veterans and communities nationwide.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) JUNE 26, 2018, 2018 — The Mission Continues is expanding its base of supporters with several new donor partnerships and increased strategic investments from existing donors. These developments will provide additional capacity, furthering the organization’s mission of empowering veterans to find growth, purpose and connection through community service.

New donors to The Mission Continues’ growing list of supporters include Kaiser Permanente and Diageo North America. The organization also received strategic funding from two of its existing partners, The Bob Woodruff Foundation and The Schultz Family Foundation. Through these partnerships, the organization will collaborate on cause-marketing campaigns, corporate social responsibility initiatives and new opportunities to support their growing programs.

“Enduring commitments from our donors both fuel us and motivate us as we continue to drive impact in communities,” said Spencer Kympton, U.S. Army veteran and president of The Mission Continues. “We are locking arms with our terrific partners in cities across the country – and together we are effecting positive change for veterans and for the communities in which they live.”

Kaiser Permanente, one of the newest partnerships, is already jumping into action, supporting the third-annual Mass Deployment – Operation Watts Is Worth It – benefiting Los Angeles’ historic Watts neighborhood from June 21-28.

“Community service is in our DNA at Kaiser Permanente and as a veteran myself it’s an honor to help empower other veterans to serve their communities,” said Jim Branchick, senior vice president and area manager, Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center. “With the Kaiser Permanente Watts Counseling and Learning Center, we’ve been part of the community for 50 years and being a part of Operation Watts is Worth It is an extension of that commitment.” Continue reading “The Mission Continues Celebrates Growth, New Opportunities With Diverse Donor Investments”

The Mission Continues to Deploy Veterans to Help Revitalize Los Angeles’ Watts Neighborhood


The veterans’ nonprofit seeks to create ongoing improvement to strengthen historic LA neighborhood with its third-annual Mass Deployment, “Operation Watts Is Worth It”

The veterans are volunteers with The Mission Continues, a national nonprofit organization that empowers veterans to find growth, purpose and connection through community impact. Although the nonprofit has been active in the neighborhood for years, the week-long service marathon, dubbed Operation Watts Is Worth It, will provide a surge of resources to benefit under-resourced schools, aging public housing, under-utilized community spaces and much more.

“The Watts neighborhood has a long-established and vibrant identity, and it has preserved it in the face of a wide range of challenges,” said Spencer Kympton, U.S. Army veteran and president of The Mission Continues. “Through their service, our veterans, partners and community volunteers seek to help the Watts community sustain its identity well into the future.” Continue reading “The Mission Continues to Deploy Veterans to Help Revitalize Los Angeles’ Watts Neighborhood”

An Update on Today’s Report, and Veteran Impact Nationwide

May 2, 2018

To our partners:

Over two consecutive weekends The Mission Continues veterans, alongside hundreds of volunteers, engaged in purposeful action in communities across the country. To mark Earth Day, we completed nearly 30 Earth Day service projects cleaning up parks and other natural landscapes and beautified schools and community green spaces. This past weekend we held our third-annual Women Veterans Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. This year’s summit, themed Unapologetically Her, brought together nearly 80 of the most impressive, engaged and committed women veterans, local women leaders and volunteers to help champion a movement for all women to write their own rules on how they will live, work and lead.

While we remain steadfastly focused on our mission, we want to share an update involving the investigations of Governor Eric Greitens. As we have said from the beginning, and reiterate here, we abstain from political activities. We deeply value the trust you place in us to accomplish our mission. The Mission Continues did not provide, nor authorize the use of, our donors’ information to any persons or groups for political/campaign purposes. Nor did we promote Governor Greitens for political office.

Earlier today, Missouri State Representative Jay Barnes and the Missouri House Committee released a report with its latest findings regarding The Mission Continues donor list. The report demonstrates The Mission Continues followed all established policies and did not provide, nor authorize the use of, private donor information to the Greitens Group or others affiliated with the Greitens campaign for political purposes.

The full report and findings can be read here.

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Continuing Progress, Continuing the Mission

March 23, 2018

Over the past few weeks, The Mission Continues has been pushing forward in our mission to empower veterans and communities in service. Unfortunately, we have also been a part of an on-going news cycle surrounding the reported actions of Eric Greitens and the Greitens for Governor campaign. The stories surrounding the Greitens investigations continue to cite connections to The Mission Continues. We are supporting various document requests and are fully cooperating with the agencies that are reviewing this situation. We look forward to the completion of those efforts in a timely manner.

We are committed to providing you with the latest information as it pertains to our organization and our involvement in supporting the Missouri-based agencies who are investigating the Governor. Most importantly, we want you to be confident that we are building on and advancing our mission toward even greater impact on veterans and communities.

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An Update To Our Partners

March 6, 2018

You may have read about The Mission Continues in the news lately. Unfortunately, not all of the stories have been about the positive impact we’re creating with the veterans and communities we serve.

We want to take this opportunity to speak directly to you about concerns raised regarding the unauthorized use of our resources for Eric Greitens’ political activities. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the Greitens campaign’s action is the disruption it has created. It distracts from the work you and our team have done together to serve communities and veterans.

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Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation Supports Veterans Making an Impact with The Mission Continues, in Partnership with Starbucks and Spotify


Veterans with The Mission Continues Report for Duty to Create Community Impact Across the Country.

Metallica presents a check from their charitable foundation, All Within My Hands to The Mission Continues

NEW YORK (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 28, 2018 — Metallica’s band members presented a donation from their charitable foundation, All Within My Hands, to The Mission Continues to help empower veterans creating transformational change for communities in need. The band’s contribution marks the foundation’s role as a 2018 Contributing Sponsor for The Mission Continues’ service platoons across the country.

Support from All Within My Hands is part of a greater partnership with Starbucks and Spotify for a charitable gift card sold at participating Starbucks stores nationwide. As part of the promotion, Starbucks and Spotify donated $1 million, divided between Metallica’s All Within My Hands, Chance The Rapper’s Social Works and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. Continue reading “Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation Supports Veterans Making an Impact with The Mission Continues, in Partnership with Starbucks and Spotify”

CarMax and The Mission Continues Announce a Two-Year Partnership to Benefit Veteran Leaders


Veterans with The Mission Continues Report for Duty to Make an Impact in Communities Across the Country

NEW YORK (PRWEB) February 6, 2018 — CarMax is committed to supporting veterans who are making an impact in their communities through a renewed two-year commitment to veterans nonprofit The Mission Continues. Since 2016, CarMax has been empowering veterans through The Mission Continues as they address pressing local issues and make meaningful social change.

The renewed 2018 partnership kicked off with a service project at Houston’s Roderick Paige Elementary School in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. CarMax, The Mission Continues, and the Greater Houston American Red Cross joined forces as more than 200 volunteers refurbished the school’s grounds and assembled 3,000 “disaster kits” to replenish the kits used during Hurricane Harvey. The project was part of The Mission Continues’ national MLK Day of Service campaign and CarMax’s Houston Strong initiative, dedicated to recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Continue reading “CarMax and The Mission Continues Announce a Two-Year Partnership to Benefit Veteran Leaders”

Our Values in Action: Living up to Dr. King’s #LegacyofService

January 5, 2018

During the weekend of MLK Day, we’re activating our veterans and civilian allies to bring Dr. King’s core values to life. This is your chance to translate shared values into positive action and make a difference!

The aim of these #LegacyofService projects is to get folks of all backgrounds, civilians and veteran alike, to come together to continue what Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement did for our country: make it a better, stronger, more equal place. Continue reading “Our Values in Action: Living up to Dr. King’s #LegacyofService”

Humans of The Mission Continues

December 23, 2017
By Spencer Kympton, President

Over the year, marks of our individual identities were on public display like never before: on hats, stickers, and t-shirts – and almost inescapably – on our social media profiles, banners, hashtags, retweets and newsfeeds.

Unfortunately, our reactions to these displays have not made our country more unified.

Instead of embracing our differences as opportunities to understand one another, we’re using them as grounds to divide into teams and to separate these teams with walls. More unfortunate yet, our team uniforms, mottos and chants prevent us from seeing the countless ways our identities are similar.

To name just a few: We are all Humans. Residents. Children. Survivors. Servants. Consumers. Friends.


At The Mission Continues we too are deeply focused on identity.

Veterans and their families were once members of a distinct and identifiable institution: the military. One of our primary missions as an organization is to restore this strong sense of identity they may have lost as they transitioned from lives in the military to lives in new communities.

We do not, however, restore this sense of identity by emphasizing their differences as veterans. Instead, we seek to connect veterans to non-veterans through their similarities: as Civilians, as Neighbors, as Community Members and as Servants. When veterans and non-veterans embrace these shared identities, new venues for unity and connection emerge at the local level.

I was fortunate to see these venues emerge, and to see this unity and connection on display throughout the year.

I saw them on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Houston, where hundreds came together to help build a nine-acre urban farm with the mission of eliminating a local food desert.

The Mission Continues service project with veterans
The Mission Continues veterans serving at Hope Farms in Houston, TX.

I saw unity and connection on Earth Day in the South Bronx, where hundreds gathered in the rain to remove litter and debris from the Bronx River.

In New York, The Mission Continues volunteers clearing litter and debris from the Bronx River.
In New York, The Mission Continues volunteers clearing litter and debris from the Bronx River.

I saw them this summer in Atlanta, when hundreds gathered over six days in the Westside community to provide a surge of effort supporting local efforts to revitalize the area.

Veterans working at Mattie Freeland Park in Atlanta, GA on June 10, 2017

I’m proud to report that in 2017, these hundreds joined thousands of others who unified and connected in similar ways – as humans, as neighbors and residents – at over 1,300 different events in 38 metro areas across the country.


Looking Ahead

Our work is long from over. As The Mission Continues moves into 2018, we’re seeking even greater unity and connection – as an organization, as a network of communities and as a country. Many of us are veterans or their family members. Some of us are still in the military.

But we are also teachers, doctors, cops, artists, techies and grandparents. Some are liberal, some conservative. We represent all ethnicities, ages, genders, sexual orientations and religions. We hail from every state, and our heritages trace across the globe.

We are unified by our humanity, and by our shared desire to grow, to connect and to have impact – through service. It’s with this unity of effort that we’ll march forward into 2018. We have high aspirations for the upcoming year.

    • We’ll roll out our new Empowered Veteran Index, which will enable us to assess the Personal Growth, Connectedness, and Community Impact of our programs as they engage veterans in service.
    • In July, we’ll introduce a new-and-improved fellowship program that will further prepare veterans for reintegrating into civilian work and life.
    • We’ll deepen the impact of our operations in the 38 metro areas we’re currently serving in, and we’ll lay the groundwork for expanding to other communities in need.
    • We’ll deploy to the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles with a major infusion of resources and energy, plugging into on-going efforts to make progress on fighting under-resourcing, depopulation, disinvestment and underemployment.
    • We’ll conduct major service campaigns around MLK Day, 9/11, and Veterans Day.
    • We’ll continue to champion the overlooked potential of today’s women veterans through our Her Mission initiative and Women Veterans Leadership Summit.

We need you to make this vision come to life. A gift today will help us build stronger communities in 2018.  Many young and impressionable eyes are upon us. It is our duty to ensure they don’t only see our bumper-stickers and banners, our hashtags and tweets – but also see what happens when we choose to unify and connect as humans.




Charlie Mike,

General Ray Odierno Joins The Mission Continues’ Board of Directors

April 26, 2017

Photo by John Martinez
(Photo by John Martinez)

The Mission Continues welcomes retired four-star U.S. Army General Ray Odierno, the 38th Chief of Staff of the Army, to its Board of Directors. In this role, Gen. Odierno will help guide The Mission Continues in its mission of empowering veterans who are adjusting to life at home to find purpose through community impact.

“Gen. Odierno is one of the most respected military leaders of our time. His track record of effective leadership over his nearly 40 year military career will no doubt be a tremendous asset to our organization,” said Spencer Kympton, U.S. Army veteran and president of The Mission Continues. “He was ‘in the fight’ with this generation of veterans—and is deeply committed to their continued success. As we work to empower veterans to be a force for good in at-risk communities across the country, Gen. Odierno’s experience and vision will be most welcomed and valued.”

Continue reading “General Ray Odierno Joins The Mission Continues’ Board of Directors”