December 27, 2017
By Spencer Kympton

Charlie Mike
‘verb’ – A shorthand directive used in the U.S. Military for “Continue the Mission.”

Thousands did it in 2016.

From the Pacific Northwest to Joplin, Missouri to South Florida, men and women who served our country in the military reported for duty again – in their hometowns. They answered our call to “Charlie Mike”…and our neighborhoods are stronger because they did.

They did it in many ways. Over 300 of them reported for duty as Mission Continues Fellows – committing six months of volunteer service at organizations like the National Parks Conservation Association, Hands On Atlanta, and the YWCA of San Antonio.

Thousands more reported for duty as team members in nearly 70 Mission Continues Service Platoons operating in more than 30 cities across the country. Together, these teams tackled important local issues like creating more safe spaces for community members to gather in North Philadelphia and increasing access to healthy food options in the South Side of Chicago.

best-service-projectService Platoon Members helped refurbish hurricane-damaged areas of Ellis Island on September 10, 2016

This year, we introduced two new ways for veterans to report for duty. In April, we hosted our inaugural Women Veterans Leadership Summit, where women veterans from across the country gathered to discuss their shared experiences and demonstrate their unique potential to the New Orleans community and to our country.

In June, we piloted a major new service event, deploying a diverse team of more than 70 veterans to a city beset by decades of hardship. Over six days, in four central Detroit neighborhoods, this team served alongside local volunteers, giving a shot-in-the-arm to ongoing revitalization efforts and igniting new opportunities for long-term impact.

omm“Operation Motown Muster” deployed veteran volunteers to multiple project sites, including Detroit’s Central High School.

Every day, these veterans continue to press on, tackling tough challenges in their communities – just like they did in the military. Their work helps to heal fractures, restore trust, strengthen relationships, and build a better future – one neighborhood at a time. They can be an example for us all. They can help to restore our faith that our best days are indeed still ahead of us.

Now is the time for all of us – veteran and non-veteran – to Report for Duty. Our communities need us. This will take hard work, focus, and determination in 2017. The Mission Continues is ready. Together, we will Charlie Mike!


Spencer Kympton is a United States Army veteran and the president of The Mission Continues. 

P.S. Thank you for considering a financial contribution to help veterans Charlie Mike here at home.