“We all have our own battle stories”

February 12, 2014

20140207_CPM_177Larson, center, at the Alpha Class 2014 Orientation service project.

The Mission Continues welcomed 80 veterans to The Mission Continues Fellowship Program in February of 2014, including Army veteran Pam Larson. For many, the opportunity to spend a weekend alongside a room-full of other veterans opens doors to stories and conversations not normally shared. Larson shared one such example with the Orlando Sentinel:

At least one third had service-related injuries, but the camaraderie makes it easier to talk about says Pam Larson, a 27-year-old Army veteran and single mom from Columbia, S.C. Larson laughed with a group of other vets about getting shot in the leg in Iraq. Civilians think it’s “crazy,” Larson said, but the story is easily shared among fellow vets.

“We all have our own battle stories,” she said. “It was our daily life. It wasn’t, like, a shocker…I was just doing my job.”

Larson’s fellowship started with the Boy Scouts of America before taking her to the Department of Juvenile Justice, where she mentored 15 incarcerated youth as they prepared for release from the center. For Larson, doing her job was once again about more than just a paycheck. She had found a new mission.

Do you know a veteran looking for an opportunity to give back? Applications for the 2015 Charlie Class are now available through April 3rd.


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  1. Hoa, Pam Larson welcome home from overseas and on your positive Help At Home Mission for kids in your home town area and with the other Vet Volunteers. I am a Retired USMC VET from 71 to 74 Brooklyn Navy Yard, Corrections Officer and PO 2 E-5 USNR Ordnance Aircrewman at Moffett Field from 83 to 98. I watch a lot of TV now and saw The Doctors TV show about 3 months ago showing a guest Dr. Eugene Lipov who has a treatment regimen for PTSD that is free for Veterans. You just have to call him for a Consult at 847 608-6620. His treatment is the SGB Neurologic Blocker of Stellate Ganglion, an Injection given in the Neck. He claims about a 1st treatment success rate of 78%. For VETS you just have to go see him at his Advanced Pain Centers address of 2260 W. Higgins Road, suite 101, Hoffman Estates, Ill 60169. The treatment is available for Non-Vets for $1,000.s.org His Office website is http://advancedpaincenters.org. Next goto http://www.thedoctorstv.com/videos/doctor-treating-ptsd-with-injections THEN goto hear the story of a Marine Vets success for a Cure http://www.thedoctorstv.com/articles/2796-injection-to-cure-ptsd I have been sharing this information with lots of websites to help VETS as my Mission too

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