What Fellowship Orientation Did for Me

June 30, 2015

Alexis Wormley_2

Alexis Wormley served four years in the United States Marine Corps. In the spring of 2014, nearly ten years to the day after leaving the military, Alexis was introduced to Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). The experience was the first step in his journey to discover a new passion – youth mentorship. It was while attending a WWP conference that Alexis was introduced to The Mission Continues and learned about the Fellowship Program. A few months later, Alexis found himself in Houston surrounded by veterans from across the country with experiences, passions and desires similar to his.

For Alexis, his fellowship orientation brought back emotions he had not felt in over a decade:

“When I returned from the fellowship orientation, I was so motivated because I knew that I wasn’t alone. I have a team again that depends on me. I carried this enthusiasm into my fellowship service when I quickly realized that the students that I was mentoring also depend on me. But on a deeper level, it wasn’t motivating solely that people depend on me. What motivated me was that I had a mission that mattered again, just like my mission while in the military.”

Alexis serves as a Mission Continues Fellow at EYPC Mentoring Group, working one-on-one with young men to turn personal struggles into positive outcomes.

The Mission Continues Fellowship Program is accepting applications for our 2015 Delta Class. Apply by July 6, 2015. Get started today.

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  1. I think the wow is really great. Im not a vet but i can relate to your situation. I am an LPN but my husband shot me twice with a shotgun then held me hostage for 6hrs before being killed by a sniper. I have a great appreciation for the seat team. I have PTSD and havent been able to work. I have applied to many places without results. I lost my left leg and was shot in rtf foot leaving it damaged as well. My work and family was everything but know my life is totally changed. Although i still carry my nursing licence it hasn’t helped get a job. Sometimes i feel useless but i know God has something in store for me. My heart goes out to everyone that has served as i know how much your life can change in a second and how hard it is to recover. It really makes me happy to see all that the wwp has done for you guys. You deserve ut so much. God Bless you.

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