Recognize Her: Women Veterans Leadership Summit 2019

Accepting applications for 2019’s Summit Nov 1-Dec 1 2018

Women entered the new year ready for action. For many, 2018 was the year for making their voice heard and their presence recognized.

Women are organizing, marching, and building power. From the millions who joined the Women’s March to the survivors who have bravely come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and assault, to the millions participating in the #MeToo movement, it’s become clear that women are not going to stay silent anymore or be content with the misinformed perception that it’s “a man’s world.”

Women around the world took action and grabbed the public’s attention as they made history in politics, shared deeply personal and painful stories, marched for justice, and broke records within the military. In all cases, women veterans were at the forefront.

However, as always, there is still more work to be done to shatter the “glass ceiling” that women have been striving to break through for decades.

Women are organizing, marching, and building power.

Today, women make up more than 16% of the post-9/11 veteran population—the highest percentage in American history! These women who serve are breaking new ground, overcoming gender barriers in leadership and taking on roles that are integral to our nation’s defense. Despite women’s advancement with representation in the military, they’re in an evolving battle for recognition after their military service.

Women are often under-recognized for leadership attainment and overly represented by demeaning attributes of being either “not enough”or “too”—strong, beautiful, ambitious, caring, outspoken, etc., which contributes to disparity between women’s contributions to society and those of their male counterparts.

Even in a country as wealthy and developed as the US, women still experience major inequality in the workforce. By some estimates, women earn only $0.77 for every $1 earned by men. Globally, the gender gap is even wider, women earn only one tenth of the world’s income despite working two thirds of the total work hours.

Empowering women to earn their fair share benefits communities in a big way—women are likely to invest more of their money back into their families and communities than men typically do.

Representation is the first step of correcting cultural bias and we are primed to support a movement of women veterans rising in influence to help amplify their voice and reach.

Through this campaign we want women to lead of the conversation around who “Her” is and increase awareness and visibility around the roles and impact women have as leaders and influencers within our world—community, economy, military, politics and everything in between.

If you haven’t yet attended the Women Veterans Leadership Summit, we invite you to do so today! This year we are ONLY accepting applications to first-timers. Application is open November 1, 2018 to December 1, 2018.